The Literatus translation office provides comprehensive organization and interpretation services for events, colloquia, conferences, meetings of heads of state, ministers and various important professional or scientific speakers with specialized terminology: consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, whispering, sign language interpretation, etc.

Our office has grown steadily until now, and among the successes of the Literatus translation company are many successful organisations of events of general and scientific interest.

For full and high-quality coverage of your conference, the Literatus translation centre uses the most up-to-date technical equipment, such as audipack silent 9500 sound-proof booths, bosch translation receivers, bosch DCN transmitters, 2 IR bosch 12.5w antennas, bosch DCN interpreter consoles, the necessary cabling, etc. It is worth noting that the sound-translation system will be Phillips DCN (Digital Computer Network) type, in other words, the same system the Greek Parliament uses.

Literatus translations provides recordings of speeches in case you need them for the minutes of meetings, with the interpolation of audio-media interface equipment which helps "separate" the languages.

Interpreting at Kozani
Interpreting at Thessaloniki
Interpreting at Athens
Interpreting at Florina