The Translation and Interpreting office Literatus was founded in Thessaloniki (1996) by distinguished philologists, qualified translators, editors and other knowledgeable professionals who specialize in the European and Balkan languages. Later on, Literatus expanded its commercial activity in the field of editions by founding the Publishing House Literatus (2015). Within a short space of time, Literatus has become one of the best translation and interpreting companies in Greece although widely esteemed for its expertise in the fields of translation and interpretation, with a proven dedication to service, reliable and expert translations and stringent professional consistency.

With a team of dedicated staff, as well as a vast network of assists, translators, interpreters and specialists, constitutes the soundest solution for communication in today's global marketplace. Literatus is the preferred permanent provider of professional services for a number of large companies, public entities, universities, mass media and other economic and educational institutions, publishing organisations, banks, bar associations, chambers of commerce and so forth, in both Greece and abroad.

Literatus provides top-notch translation and interpreting services for all sectors, including the fields of literature, science, economics, law and medicine. Literatus works almost exclusively in an electronic environment, such as electronic document management, terminology banks, electronic memory of translated texts, supported by other services, such as terminology, documentation, and informatics. Literatus is also equipped with a reliable database concerning the national economies of various Balkan countries within their legal and statutory framework, a must-have tool for aspiring businessmen, as well as a library of language services and electronic archives. In the field of teaching translation technology (code of conduct, theoretical and aesthetical unities on translation, conference interpreting) consecutive, simultaneous, whispering, sign-language interpreting) collaborates with various universities, institutions, schools and translation centres, libraries, private educational establishments and so forth.

Our associates have participated in meetings and scientific translation and interpreting events concerning literature and science. Literatus has worked with a number of publishing organisations in the publication of scientific, literary and professional manuals and specialist dictionaries and glossaries. In addition, Literatus has undertaken the linguistic and/or scientific supervision and editing of various professional publications.

Literatus associates have provided conference interpreting services at numerous meetings of heads of state, ministers, government officials and at various important professional and scientific functions. Literatus employs expert associates who have an excellent knowledge of and are conversant in both the source language and the target language.

The Literatus associates are highly-trained, university educated, holders of scientific titles and winners of a number of translation awards. Our specialists and associates translate only into their mother-tongue.

In the publishing sector, Literatus is distinguished for high quality publications, scientific, literary and translations.

The Literatus translation office is established in Thessaloniki
Opening of Literatus
The secretariat of the translation office
Facilities of the Literatus translation office