Literatus offers comprehensive subtitling services for movies, documentaries, informational broadcasts, musical programs and interviews with the option of closed-captioned subtitles via DVB Satellite, DVB Terrestrial or IPTV. Our combination of analogue equipment and modern digital technology and montage enables us to implement projects in any format.

Literatus is staffed by experienced subtitling professionals specializing in:

  • oral to written speech transfer techniques
  • subtitle placement rules
  • exact timing of subtitles
  • condensing meanings
  • modern compiling techniques etc.

Preparation of audiovisual translation involves:

  • understanding the process of transforming oral into written speech
  • use of the right technological equipment and electronic subtitling programs
  • Implementing subtitling work involves several processes:
  • determination of the principles of analysis of text and speech application of current subtitling models
  • application of the principles governing different kinds of language and ways of transferring them to subtitling

Our many years of experience in the field of audiovisual translation and our application of state of the art electronic technology have allowed us to develop a professional methodology and excellent technique, which puts us in a position to be able to produce quality work and to successfully respond to the demands of the professional environment.

Our colleagues possess excellent knowledge of the working languages and are professionally certified. Our subtitles conform to the specifications of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

Interpreting at Thessaloniki
Interpreting in Kerkira at Interreg
Interpreting and subtitling for ΕΡΤ3
Subtitling at Tirana for ΕΕ